Online Safety Tips

How to stay safe online and keep information private.


Making a secure password is vital to being secure online. A good password should consist of...

  • At least 12 characters,
  • Include numbers, symbols, capital and lowercase letters.
  • Non dictionary words, don't use simple words like shoe or blue shoe.
  • Do not use simple substitutions like $hoe or b1ue.
Unless you have a photographic memory it can be challenging to remember a random password. There are however a couple ways to create a memorable password. One way is to use a password manager that will remember your passwords for you but another way is to create a password using a phrase. For example your sentence could be.. I went to my first baseball game when I was 5. The game was at Wrigley field. Using the first character of each word you can make a strong password. "IwtmfbgwIw5.Tgw@wf." This is a strong 19 character password.
How to Choose Strong Passwords


A Scam is a dishonest scheme. For example you might see a pop up screen that says take survey and win up to $5,000. This could be a scam because the survey could just be to get your personal information. The purpose of a scam is to trick people into giving away their personal information. Some tricks they may use are.

  • Phishing email scam

  • Guaranty bank loan

  • Lottery scam

  • Antivirus software

  • Make money fast scams

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Keeping your privacy online is very important. Always make sure to read the privacy agreements and not skip through them because you could be giving up rights to third parties. Also make sure to keep strong passwords so no one hacks into your accounts and steals information. Another key thing to keeping your privacy is avoiding scams and viruses. Scams and viruses are ways for people to trick you into giving up information. Finally make sure you are using secure sites and not over sharing both of these things can result in loss of your privacy.
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User Agreements

Many people do not read lengthy user agreements and they are unaware just what they are giving up. Not all user agreements have something bad hidden in them but many do. Some agreements allow social media sites to use your pictures however they want, you still own your picture but so do they. A lot of sites have a section in terms that say they reserve the right to change or fully remove any product they choose. This means they can remove it from the device you downloaded the file to, never to be seen again. This is why it is important to read the user agreements and make sure you are okay with the terms of use.
End-User License Agreements: What are you agreeing to?