The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Brady Weinkauf

The theme

The theme of this story is every body starts out small, but in the end, they turn out big.


I picked Tom because he has changed alot in the story. First when he thought about the big game, he thought that they would loose. Then, after cruz came, he thought that they could actually win. I think Tom is like Carter Nesvold because he is shy at the start but at the end, he is confident.

Tom changing

Tom has changed alot because he thinks the team will actually win. He also had more confident in his team. First he thought that the team is like ants. Then when Cruz Dela Cruz came, they actually won with his help.

The climax

I think the best climax of the story was when they were at the baseball game and the other team tripped over each other like a fast, strong and rumbling stampede. That was when Tom hit a pop fly for the last hit and got a RBI single for the win. I thought that the wildcats would loose.


My mom and dad are my heros. They always believe in me when im doing somthing hard. They are always by my side to help me. They are like non hurting, loving parents. They are also caring.