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Game of the month: Tom Clancy's The Division

Hey guys,

This month I have chosen to give tips and tricks on "The Division". The game released on March 8th 2016. I have been looking forward to it since its first announcement at E3 a few years back. So far I have sunk 56 hours game play in to it and am loving it. There have not been very many shooters out lately I have been overly hyped for (I am not a big CoD fan) so I am extremely happy with how much fun I am having with "The Division"

What is "The Division" you might ask?

The Division is a third person mmorpg (Massive multi player online role-playing game) created by Ubisoft with the aid of Red Storm Studios with a large emphasis on the RPG aspect of the game. Unlike most traditional RPGS there is no class system so you are free to create your character and build them how you want. Much like other RPGS there is a leveling system that includes different activatable skills and passive talents and perks that are unlocked as you progress through the game.

The game is set in well current/ just after apocalypse environment New York. A terrorist cell has weaponized smallpocks, infected dollar bills with the virus and circulated them out on black Friday. The character you play as is an agent for "The Division" a secret government organization activated only as a last resort in crisis situations. Your job as an agent is to help aid what remains of law enforcement in taking back New York.

Top Tips of the month

  1. For those just starting out, finish the first security mission and buy the upgrade that gives you 10% bonus EXP right away
  2. While leveling do not sell your extra gear deconstruct it for materials to use when you hit level 30 to craft high end gear
  3. You can slide down ladders, and ropes by holding the sprint button
  4. An exclamation point will show up if you try to jump from to high and will take fall damage

Patch notes:

Thus far there has only been one major patch since the game was released. This patch helped address many quality of life issues as well as some exploits that people were taking advantage of. The patch notes I find most important are listed below:


  • Named enemies, will now drop better loot in challenge mode than in Hard mode
  • Named NPCs will no longer respawn after being killed in the Open World. This will prevent Situations where players were able to kill the same named NPC over and over again
  • Players are now able to fast travel to Dark Zone checkpoints, but only when coming from outside the darkzone
  • Players can now heal other neutral players in the Dark Zone by using First Aid and Support Station skills.

The full patch notes can be found at:

Streamer of the month:

In my opinion "summit1g" has to be considered the best Division streamer of this month. Every time I check twitch his channel has the top viewers. At times he can be slightly vulgar but who isn't when it comes to video games. He has given a lot of great advice to his viewers giving tips on routes to run to level up in the dark zone faster and routes to get better gear. Put all of that together and that in my opinion is what makes him streamer of the month.

His twitch profile can be found at:

Sony Announces their plans for Virtual Reality

Last week Sony announced their VR headset that has been under tight lock and key for some time now. Their VR will feature a headset with a 5,7 inch 1080p OLED Display, 100 degree field of vision, and 120Hz refresh rate. The headset will also require the consumer to purchase a Playstation move controller and the PlayStation move camera. Given the technology put in to the headset it is no wonder it dons a $399 (US) price tag. Gamestop US also has a bundle available for preorder which comes with the headset, 2 move controllers, the camera and one game for $699 US.

So far Sony has been tight lipped about games that will be released for the VR but they have stated that more than 250 have signed up to develop VR content.

I personally just hope they fixed the motion sickness problems people were having with the alpha and beta prototypes, but only time will tell.

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