The Wolf Howl

Week of 2/1/16

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Do you watch the news? Listen to talk radio? Read a newspaper (electronic or paper)? It seems like there is bad news everywhere - even worse than last year. Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged and feel the negativity of the world affecting our daily lives.

It's true, the world is full of so much negativity and pain right now but it is also full of so many amazing opportunities to be inspired. Inspiration is everywhere - we just need to to seek it out and find it. Make time for it. We need it more than we realize.

Rent and watch inspirational movies. Listen to a student tell a funny story. Find humor in everyday moments. Play a favorite song. Read inspirational books. Enjoy more sun rises and sunsets. Visit an art gallery. Go see a play or concert. Attend an energizing Sunday service. Go see a high school sports event. Just sit and be still. Whatever inspires you, seek it out and make it a part of you.

Today we can find desperation or inspiration - it depends on what we seek. Let's seek positivity and inspiration!

GCISD Counselor's Week - February 1 - 5

We have such AMAZING counselors here at CTMS! What would we do without the efforts and hard work of Megan, Raquel, and Sarah? Not only do they work so hard on behalf of all of our Wolves, but they do everything with smiles on their faces.

I know that I appreciate them so much! This is a great week to intentionally express your gratitude and appreciation for all they do!

Happy Counselor's Week!

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Professional Learning Proposals Due Monday!

What are you planning for your learning on February 15? Don't forget to complete your Professional Learning Proposal by February 1 and submit it to Lisa Dunn. Remember, the emphasis is on NEW LEARNING for the morning. The afternoon will be devoted to team designing, planning, data analysis, etc.

After Alex, Brendon and I look over your proposals we will let you know if we need clarifications or have concerns. We are excited to see how and what you are going to be learning on that morning!

Clubs Start Feb. 12

I will be posting club lists on Tuesday for the clubs to begin on February 12. Please check with students in your Wolf Time to make sure they have a club prior to the 12th. I don't want the students to waste one of the four sessions trying to get signed up!

Open House 2.1 -- THE CTMS SHOWCASE

A new look for Open House - now called the CTMS Showcase!

A new date: February 23, 2016

A new time: fifth grade parents 6:00 - 7:00

Other parents: 7:00 - 8:00

Language Arts will be in the library; Science will be in a science room and science lab (specifics to be determined); Math will be in the lecture hall; Social Studies will be along the window in F hall between A and B hall; PE/Athletics will be in the black gym. Terry Popp will represent AVID in her room; Engineering (with Lisa Grimes) will be in Dunn's room; Burkhart, Skrukrud, and all fine arts will be in their own rooms; Touch Systems/Business Marketing Finance will be in Jerry's room (with Sarah Garrison); and ASPIRE will be in their rooms.

Each area should have a handout explaining the classes offered, a little bit about the curriculum, and what that class will prepare for in High School.

Kate Burkhart's students have created a skeleton hand out for you - she will be sharing these so you can edit it to meet your needs.

I am really excited about this opportunity to show off our school!

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Wolf Howls

Lisa D. howls for Oscar for stepping in and doing lecture hall morning duty when there was no one there! Thank you Oscar!

Amy D. gives a Wolf Howl to Chris Hrenko for being a great resource on ideas to help our students be successful in the classroom, and to Vicki Abeyta, Rumbelow, Finley, and LaFavre for their dedication and hard work each day!

Megan gives an appreciative howl for all the 7th grade teachers and other CTMS staff for being so supportive and helpful with the TECC field trip.

Chris H sends a loud HOWL to Johanna R. for ALWAYS being such a great teammate with her willingness to step in and pinch hit WHENEVER needed!

Amy D. gives a big Wolf Howl to Stancliffe and Davis for their hard work and long hours preparing our Sliver Dancers for competition. It's going to be something the girls celebrate and remember for a long time!

Lisa D. howls for Elizabeth and Trish for building up a great math and science team of almost 40 students! It takes time and effort, but it is worth it!

Chris H sends a SUPER BIG HOWLLLLLLLLLLLLLL to Vicki A, Stephanie R. and Amy D. for all their efforts in working collaboratively to meet the varied academic needs of our kids!

Megan howls for Billy & the other coaches for being flexible with the mixed up lunches on Wednesday for the field trip.

Lisa D. howls for Paul and Laura for working so hard to host the GCISD Ensemble competition here this weekend, and to make sure our students rock the competition!

Mary Anne gives a loud wolf howl to Chris Hrenko for graciously covering her duty in the lecture hall on Wednesday. During a full moon, too!

Megan howls for Mr. Hrenko and Raquel for representing us at the district Special Education transition information night on Tuesday night!

Lisa D. howls for Jaime for her tireless efforts in promoting a love of reading in our students and in our staff! She is awesome!

Megan and Raquel howl for Amber for her constant positivity when she gets new students. She never complains even though she is up to 29 students!

Lisa D. howls for Lisa Grimes for taking the Rotary teacher program off her plate! She is a lifesaver!

Trish howls long and strong for the people that helped her out when KJ was sick: Linda McFadyen and Elizabeth Pauley. She loves how our wolf pack pulls together for everyone on our team.

"The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf! "

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Upcoming Events

Friday, 1/29 - Club selection at 1:03 - Wolf Time

Monday, 2/1 - Boys' Basketball bye week

Tuesday, 2/2 -Learning leader meeting 3:30 TAR

Wednesday, 2/3 - Lisa out - LEAD 2021

Thursday, 2/4 - 7th/8th grade girls' basketball games vs. Coppell North @ away

FPS competition - Library 1:00 - 3:30

8th grade parent night with GHS counselors - SAC - 6:30 p.m.

6/7th grade parent night with Lisa and CTMS counselors - Library - 6 :30 p.m.

Friday, 2/5 - pep rally - run pep rally schedule

Cotillion Night #1 - 6:30 - SAC

Monday, 2/8 - GHS Counselors talk to the 8th grade during LA

7th/8th grade girls' BB vs. HMS @ away

Mustang Nation - for 8th graders at GHS 6:30

Tuesday, 2/9 - Math Benchmark - run alternate schedule

Staff meeting - 3:30

Cheer parent meeting - 6:30 LH

7th/8th grade boys' BB vs. Coppell North @ away

Wednesday, 2/10 - Lisa out - LEAD 2021

Playbill One Act Play clinic - GHS

Thursday, 2/11 - Reading benchmark - run alternate schedule

Friday, 2/12 - First Club day 1:03

Cotillion #2 - 6:30 SAC

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Happy Birthday!

Lisa Smith - 1/30

Vicki Thompson - 2/3