Pegasus Court to Baden Powell College

So you live at Pegasus Court and its your first day at Baden Powell College? But you need to walk and you have no clue where your new school, Baden Powell College, is. Well lucky you, I guess you have found the directions for...

Pegasus Court to Baden Powell College


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Directions to Baden Powell College:

1. If you've looked at the map above it is quite a long walk. Firstly start walking straight until you reach the end of Pegasus Court.

2. Once you are at the end of the Court, turn left onto Bonica Street.

3. Walk to the end of Bonica St and turn left onto Damask Drive.

4. As you walk up Damask Drive, on your left you should pass Alfred Park Drive, just after the house with the barking dogs. Again on you left you should pass Rosebud Street. Don't turn onto either of those street/drives. You turn left once reach the round about on Sunset Views Boulevard.

5. When you turn left on Sunset Views Boulevard go stright untill you reach Baden Powell Drive.

6. When you reach Baden Powell Drive turn right and stop when you reach the Childrens Crossing. On your left you should see a big building and smaller buildings around it. This is Baden Powell College. Your new School.

7. When you come up to the crossing, make sure you say hello to the man wearing the fluro yellow saftey vest. He is the lolly pop man and when he blows his whistle cross the road.

Where to go once you're there:


8. Once you have crossed the road, walk through the gate closest to you and toward the Adminstartion office doors (two big glass doors).

9. Enter through the glass doors and on your left will be another glass door. This is the main office.

10. Enter through the main office doors and walk toward the counter where the office ladies are.

11. Explain that you are new and you don't know where your classroom is and make sure you tell them your new teacher's name (if you know it). If you don't your teacher's name, tell them your year level and they will hopefully help you to find your class.

Last of All.....

Congratulations buddy, you've made it!

Hopefully the office ladies have helped you find your new class. I'm sure will enjoy your stay at Baden Powel College, it's a GREAT school and I hope you think so too!

Don't forget the way back and if your parents are picking you up hopefully they know the way here and if not just walk my friend!

By Lucas Kolarik