Polands History

Poland has always been its own country, and joined the European Union in May of 2004. However, they were not founders of the EU. Poland is surrounded by the Baltic Sea, the Pomeranian Bay, the Gulf of Gdansk, Ukraine, Slovokia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

Gdansk and Poznan

These are both tourist filled cities.


Poland has many fields, mountains, rivers, streams, and oceans. Some famous mountains are Mt. Tarty and Mt. Sudety.

Government and Currency

Polands type of government is Ziotych republican and there currency is Ziotych.

Interesting Facts

1. Children celebrate the first day of spring, by wearing funny or odd clothing.

2. Polands formal name is Rzecpospolitia Polska.

3. Poland is the 9th largest country in the European area.