6th Grade Newsletter

Fourth Six Weeks

Life as an Otto Bobcat

Happy New Year! Otto teachers and staff are excited to begin the second semester of the school year. We have many events and activities to look forward to in 2016. We will begin incorporating CTZ (Critical Thinking Zone) into our weekly routine during Bobcat Academy. The purpose is to have students practice critical thinking skills through a variety of activities such as frame games, brainteasers, observations/inferences and grammar police. As a reminder students and guardians can always check class websites and agendas for any upcoming assignments.

Every Kid Needs a Champion!

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

What's Happening In Class This Six Weeks?

English Language Arts

We are beginning our next unit of study, Exploring Textual Design. In this unit, students are introduced to the idea that the author's purpose influences the forms of writing and the text structures used to convey the message.

The whole group novel experiences for this unit include Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodsen and Seedfolks by Paul Fleischmann – both of which are written using distinctive and inviting textual designs. Students will also select and begin reading one novel written with unique text structures in a book club group.

Two writing workshops are built into the unit – the first focuses on authentic “how-to” structures found in contemporary magazines, and the second workshop focuses on compelling persuasive structures with call-to-action statements. In addition, students will apply what they learn by writing in several different types of structures and forms throughout this unit.

Math 6 and 6 Honors

Our mathematicians are learning to express themselves as our algebra unit continues with relationships and patterns that can be represented as tables and graphs. Students will be able to write an algebraic expression or equation to represent the information using variables and integers. Our next step is to move into negative territory, expanding our knowledge of the number line ordering all integers on the number line and, eventually, writing algorithms for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing positive and negative integers.

As always, homework is an important piece of our rigorous curriculum, and we always appreciate your support in this area.

Math Rocks 6

Welcome to 2016 where our Rockers will continue to climb to new heights! This 6 weeks, we will continue our Algebra content by completing linear relationships and proportionality. We will be competent in identifying linear relationships, graphing them and writing and solving equations. We just received our AMC 8 results, and we will look carefully at the answers each student chose, as well as the key, and seek to improve as we take the AMC 10 on February 2. Additionally, we will continue Math Olympiad competitions 3, 4 & 5 scheduled once a month January . - March.


Happy New Year! Our oceanographers will be investigating and explaining the flow of energy through ocean systems with food webs and energy pyramids. Students will learn how to use a dichotomous key, and they will also identify basic characterisitics of organisms and classify them into domains and kingdoms. Students will complete qualitative drawings of plankton and diatoms using a compound microscope! They will also complete a foldable diagramming the levels of organization within an ecosystem.

Social Studies

During the fourth six weeks in Social Studies we will be finishing our Cultural Borrowing unit by writing our first historical essay.

We will then move into the next unit, Cultures in Transition. In this unit, we will be examining Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. We will begin by studying the geography of these two regions of the world. During this unit, we will also look at colonialism and imperialism, as well as what makes a country developing or industrialized (developed).


During the fourth six weeks we will be finishing our Cultural Diffusion unit by looking at the progression of an item/idea from its origin to present day. We will then look at the pieces of a historical essay.

A New Year brings a new Unit...we will be moving into the fourth unit, Conflict & Cooperation. In this unit students will examine the reasons for conflict, study examples of real world historical conflicts, and evaluate how those conflicts have been solved. During this unit we will also be reading a historical fiction novel to illustrate how conflict can affect an individual.

Counselor Corner

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