Caroline Hebert, Sarah Bowman, Ana Martinez, & Allison Hall

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What is Artillery?

Artillery is Large-caliber guns used in warfare on land.

How did Artillery impact the war?

World War I raised artillery to a new level of importance on the battlefield.

The years of the First World War had provided several developments in artillery warfare.

Artillery could now shoot farther and more explosively than ever before.

Because of this, enemies in trenches would no longer always be safe, and would constantly be fired upon.

In some areas, artillery concentration would be common, several artillery firing onto an area – such as a line of trenches, each firing several rounds per minute lasting for hours.

Artillery developed several new methods and tactics of combat during the war, including:

  • Box barrage
  • Chinese barrage
  • Clock method of calling fall of shot
  • Creeping barrage
  • Sound-ranging developed in United Kingdom

3 main types of Artillery

1. Guns: Weapons generally used in direct sight shooting (flat trajectory).

2. Howitzers: Weapons generally used for the indirect shooting (curved trajectory).

3. Mortars: Ancient name of the heavy guns used for the indirect only.

Main Artillery of WWI