Turks and Caicos

Islands from the Heavens

Taking Off

Because Turks is out of the country I had to obtain my passport which I was lucky enough to already have had one made a year back for a different trip I had gone on. To fly out of Green Bay would have been more expensive for me rather than to drive to Chicago and fly out from there. So to save as much cash as I could I booked my plane ticket through Chicago's airlines and had my brother drive me down there. Turks destination was to far away to only take one plane so I had to fly from Chicago to Miami to change planes.

During my Trip

When I landed in Turks it took me a good 45 minutes to get through their 2 run way strip air port. It didn't take me awhile because there were a lot of people, it took me awhile because the locals there are so friendly they like to sit and chit chat with you for as long as possible and there is no rush there, they have nothing but time. Once I Made it through the airport I took a taxi to my hotel, keep in mind in Turks their hotels that are rated 3 out of five stars there, would be rated 5 out 5 where I live. So to save myself a couple extra dollars I booked a room on the first floor of a 3 start hotel and had 2 glass doors that led from my bedroom right on to the beach. My room came equipped with a microwave, a fridge, a full sized kitchen, bathroom had a jocose and the shower had the heads so you never had to turn to wash your body. After my plane tickets and cost to get driven to my room I had 1500 bucks left to spend on food and activities on the island. I forgot to mention the cost of the room for my 5 day stay was 600 dollars. So really I only had 900 dollars left to spend.

My experienses

My second location that I just had to go to was called the Conch Shack. This was a restaurant that was known for their fresh out of the ocean sea food, most common order was the Conch. Conch is found in shallow parts of the ocean and lives off of bacteria and small organisms. Conch lives in a big bright white and pink sea shell almost like a snail. There's nothing to them more than one slab of meat and there head. Tourists normally will only eat the body but the locals insist on eating the head as well. Me being a tourists though I was to chicken to eat the head. The best part about the Conch Shack is the fact that they catch all of the food they serve themselves right out of the ocean that very day! In fact if you want your aloud to go catch your very own meal and cook it with them! This was by far one of the coolest things I had ever seen and done.

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My last Day

On my last day of my trip I decided to use up my Tubing pass provided by the hotel for staying with them during my trip. I have gone tubing plenty of times in Wisconsin, I have actually gone over a hundred times in Wisconsin, But tubing on the ocean was a whole new level. The average size waves go from 4 to 6 feet on a nice day. Talk about catching some serious air! I'm not going to lie, it took some serious forearm strength to hold onto that tube but what made me hold on for dear life was my fear of being eaten by a shark! I only fell off the tube once, but I climbed back onto it as fast as I possibly could. After being pulled back into the boat my tour guide laughed at how quickly I climbed onto the tube and then told me sharks around Turks are very rare, reef sharks are common but only grow from 4 to 6 feet and said they would be terrified of me. When we were heading back to shore I thought a shark had been following the boat, it came right along side us and as it got closer I realized it was not a shark, it was a dolphin! I had never seen a dolphin in real life before, the guide stopped the boat and gave me the chance to feed it, by far my favorite thing to happen to me on the trip.

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