Science with Kiley Hansen

Have a cup of tea and learn about science with me!

Learn about me!

Hello my name Kiley Hansen and I am in sixth grade. I have three siblings which are my older sister Hailey who is in 10th grade, my brother who is in 7th grade and my twin who is in 6th grade. Out of my family there is six of us, 2 dogs and 2 cats who both don't like each other too. I play volleyball and I want to become a veterinarian when I grow up also. I am also part of a CHOC family because my brother has a heart condition and he had surgeries at CHOC. Being a CHOC family means you go to events and try to raise money for CHOC, it is very fun. Well bye enjoy you tea!

Introduction to Science 6!

In Science class we have learned lots of units such as the microscope unit, how to read a metric ruler, Observations and inferances, quantitative and qualitative and right now we are learning about mapping/ longitude and latitude. These are some things we are doing in science but there will be a lot more.

My Favorite Activity!

In this unit so far I have enjoyed the microscope unit. This is because it is cool to see all of the items and objects in it. For example we saw sand, salt and a letter e upside down. Out of all of these I thought the salt was the best. This is because it looked like ice cubes and it was really cool!