American Teens Lie, Cheat, & Steal

Chuck Colson, Breakpoint

Important Quotes

An Important quote from this article is where the author states that "Results paint a troubling picture of our future politicians, parents, cops, corporate executives, journalists and generals." It's important cause its going to make others realize that things should start changing so we could have better parents, cops, etc. They are going to understand that all the lies, cheating, and stealing need's to stop.

Another important quote from the article is when the author says "Whatever drove kids to steal, it wasn't the impersonal nature of the offense." It is also important because the author says that even though they steal its not from causes of anger, nor its cause them acting different.

Vocabulary Word's

Contemporary Ethics- The study of right and wrong.

Future- At a later time.

Attitudes- The emotions of a student and how they act toward each other.

Satisfied- happy with what you done or pleased.

Main Idea of Article

The main idea was that the teens could mess up america's future if they continue to act like thus and if they are acting like this. and they are leaders it could show other nations how naive america can be.

Important Quotes #2

The author stated that the teens surveyed are "satisfied with their personal ethics", this quote is important because they probably feel good that they can tell them so that they can know and understand.

Authors Purpose

The purpose of this article is for us to understand how teens are acting these days and the things they are doing that are not right. They should also change these problems.