Mark Of Athena

Nico, Dark, Deep, DEAD.

Oh Joy. I have company. Yippee. Let me tell you how I ended up in a life-risking mission.

My name is Nico and I am a son of Hades. My sister's name is Bianca. How did we lose our mom? Honestly, we don't know. All I remember is getting stuck in a Casino for 4 years. Then, these 2 kids named Percy Jackson and Annabeth came and brought us to this camp called Camp Half-blood. That is when we learned that we were kids of Hades, the God of the dead. The camp was a nice place. There were huge cabins making a "U" shape around a ditch. When I came closer to the ditch, I saw that there was a huge fire in the middle of the ditch. Around the ditch were kids from ages 2-19. I joined them and listened to a man in the late forties talking. At first I thought he was a normal person, but when he turned around, I saw that he was half horse. (Percy says that he is a Centaur, Whatever) Soon, everyone went back to their cabins. I asked Percy where the Hades cabin was. To my suprise, he said they don't have one! I ran away that night and ended up in a Roman camp, not a Greek camp. I liked the Roman camp better because they give more respect to my dad. That is where I stayed, until Percy came back, brainwashed this time, and wherever Percy is, trouble is there. So before I knew it, I was on my way to kill Gaea, Mother Earth

Our Trip

Well, we traveled on a flying boat that one of our teammates made. We traveled to to Italy to drop off Annabeth. She needed to traveled by herself because of a rule; only kids of Athena can rescue the staute. Annabeth was dropped off and we kept on going.

Percy Jackson, Annabeth, and Gaea.

Oh, here is a trailer for our movie! Hope you like!

The Mark of Athena US Book Trailer [OFFICIAL]