Bill Gates

Born October 28, 1955- Present

Creating The Future

Bill Gates the founder and developer of the world wide Microsoft. Grew up in Seattle, Washiginton with two other siblings. His father William H. Gates II was a attorney in Seattle. His mother Mary Gates was a know school teacher in The University of Washington. Soon Gates was growing up at Lakeside Schools he began to have a interest in software and computers at the age thirteen.

Around 1973 Gates enrolled into Harvard University to begin his career in life. While in Harvard he started to desgin a microcomputer system his freshman year.

In his junior year he dropped out of Harvard to devote his time in his creation of Microsoft. Later on he got married to Melinda French Gates and started a family with three children.

Changing The World

After many years in Microsoft he begin to lead the world in a different direction. Gates making new inventions and help others succeed that main acomplishments such as Xbox 360, Microsoft , and Windows.

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