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Metallic ink is "a small sheet metal (aluminum foil sheet silver, copper, used ink ink gold), when dry ink, the thin layer of surface of the print sheet." When the coat of the metallic pigments in the form of the India a cut stratum, it will make a gamy gloss ink gold or silver. Whenever you convert the sheet metal, additive components of oil or the color of the ink, the ink color ink will range from reddish-gold Golden to convert twin fortunate.

Metal gold or silver to ink a longer period of validity, even out whenever stacked away in a container per year will lose luster. However, guide colors metallic inks and metallic PANTONE isn't balanced and had better be a good preparation as soon as possible after purchase or use. Preparation of the metallic ink particles soft, ink object can be shaped in thin sheets of metal or surface of printed publications that spread as far when potential for level best brilliance. Metallic inks are properties of low viscosity, appropriate for transfer between the processes of printing cleaning ink roller.

Paper coated with absorption properties of good ink, solid ink printing on its most colorful chandelier. Smooth coated paper does get better, but a bit of gloss. Rough surface of the paper forbid little corpuscles of metallic ink on the coat of the paper of metal chips, which reduces the effect of metallic inks.

In particular, the number of pillars, coated and polished pond glazed metal clay, because the inadequate ink adhesion to the coat of the substratum, frequently absorbing ink on ink channel, oil and mineral pigment corpuscles persist along the coat. This is known as 'powder' will cause the phenomenon of color metal peeled away from the coat of the substratum. To avoid the phenomenon of 'painting', the quantity of water must be set at least; this is as the saturation of the water higher than more likely that toner powder. When the height of the paper coated printing surface are ceramic basins ink to add the apposite come from drying agent. With the help of gold and money are ahead commonly with a moldable caking along traditional transparent oil white ink joint coat of the substratum. If the phenomenon of 'pink' and took place in the 1st level from the airfoil layer of the ink and print to compensate this error frequently. You can also adjust the printing ink oils to get over powdery only this tends to limit the shiny metal.

Tips: for best results, use a version metal, panels, which could avert unrestrained damping closure being Glycerin or idol, as these nonvolatilisable liquid is going to slow down the speed of fixed drying.

Will cause excessive of ink metallic opacity player compensation ink, ink show makes bugs. You had better attempt to deflect this happen because it will bring too much inhibitor system, the burden of copy - paste (particles of ink in the fountain emulsion solution) and dirty (the ink bonds to the plate, drawing section). Even if you have already worked in the printer's ink using the metal too much impact. The better way to avoid this failure is lighter color image to add up ink to go far just a cover picture. And so, growth the size of the ink and adjust the supply of water to make slightly more than the lower limit, gum labdanum averting some of the non-linear design. Metal level on the drying out will stand out, provide more brilliant luster.

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