The Winter's Tale

By: Salina Beattie ( West Stream) Date: 11/13/14

Winter's Tale

I am doing my Monologue on Winter's Tale by Shakespear. I am acting out Act 2, scene 2, line 42. I will be including a back story, just explaining what the play was about and how my part fits in with the story.

This will be held in Drama Class

Don't be late!

The Back Story

What's the whole Story

This story is about two friends coming back together to catch up on their lives. The one friend decides to make the trip longer. The one friend is jealous because he feels that his friend is having an affair with his wife. He then ask a person to posion his friend. He then takes his wife to jail. The wife then has the baby in jail and then Paulina ( my character) takes the baby to his father. The father then abandens the child. Years later the child falls in love with a girl. Then her father bands her from seeing this boy. In the end they are united.
My part comes in when the child is being taken away from his mother. Who is in jail because her husband thought that she was cheating with his friend.