Kate Sawaya

The author and the artist

There once was an artist named was Rose Angelo, who was well known for her amazing artwork. She could paint anything with anything. She brought light and color into the world for everyone. Her art was inspiring to others. It was said that when you look at the soft and angelic paint strokes they painting seemed to come to life. Life was pretty much perfect, until the author moved in. The author moved in across the street from Rose. The author's name was Sydney Jane. Sydney Jane wrote magnificent novels that sold for large amounts of money. Rose's art work sold for small and simple amounts of money. At first this did not bother Rose. In fact she congratulated Sydney, bought some of her artwork, and Sydney also bought some artwork and encouraged Rose. Sydney and Rose soon became close friends. Life was great and successful for both. But soon , Rose began to struggle. She just was not making enough money. Rose's artwork soon began to lose its color. The light it used to bring to others, including Rose, was missing. The joy it use to bring was gone. Sydney noticed this and asked Rose what was wrong and after she heard what was on Rose's mind she immediately told Rose what she wanted to do for her. Sydney was going to help. Sydney was going to sacrifice her books and ideas to use Rose's paintings to write stories based on Rose's ideas and use illustrations by Rose in her books. Because of this Sydney would not be able to make as much money, but she would at least help a friend. The two friends continued this and before they knew it, they were a big success. When Rose asked Sydney if they were going to go back to doing their own separate artwork, Sydney said no. They were such a good team and were a huge success. Even though Sydney was not making as much money as she used to she felt richer than ever before.


Friendship, Love, and Joy is worth more than gold

Caption for top Picture

The pencils represent Sydney the Author.

The paint bushes represent Rose the Artist.