As Dangerous as You Heard

Effects on the Body

Cocaine is mainly snorted, which will give you nasal infections, respitory complications and possibly give you a heart attack. It affects the brains nervous system which may possibly end is constant paranoia, difficulty acheiving the feeling of pleasure or possibly becoming a "forager". A forager is when a person constantly looks for cocaine, or crack that they believe they misplaced, most of the people who forage say "it is involentary and thy cannot prevent themselves from doing it".

Fun Facts

Men are more likely to use cocaine. Crack Babies have lower birth rates, can be premature, tend to have attention and behaviour problems when they are adolecents. Cocaine can act as a painkiller. Cocaine acts upon the pleasure sensors of the brain, which causes pleasure to be harder to feel. Cocaine used to be used as a pain killer during nasal surgeries