News from Ms. Hughes

All the happenings from room 102

Off to a Great Start

WOW has it been a busy first three weeks of school. Between beginning of the year testing, getting to know the kids, letting them get to know me, and starting each content area (reading,writing,math,etc.) I've hardly had a chance to sit down, let alone write a newsletter so I appreciate your patience in waiting for this to come out. I will try to get a newsletter out to you every two weeks to let you know the exciting things we are working on in class and upcoming events at school. Please take a look at what we have been up to in room 102.

Language Arts

Reading and Writing

We have been busy the last couple of weeks learning the routines and procedures for the reading and writing workshops we will use for the rest of the year. In writing students have started learning how to write a personal narrative, or a story about themselves. Students have been thinking of rich ideas they could use for these stories.

In reading we have been having great discussions about how to choose the right book. Choosing a "just right" book is extremely important for students to understand how to do so they can get the most out of their independent reading time. I've been impressed by the thoughtful conversations we've been having in class. Finally we have started our first class novel, Stone Fox, which the students are really into so far.