How to Utilize Subconscious

Mind Power Techniques

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How to Utilize Subconscious Mind Power Techniques

Each of us has experienced this often and usually in our younger days – for some unknown reason you suddenly think of a person and that person appears at your doorstep or calls you up. You marvel at how it happened. Obviously there is more at play with our subconscious mind than we are ordinarily aware.

Our brain is such an amazing organ and yet, how many of us truly use it to its full potential? Wouldn't it be a waste if we had a sports car but never drove it at over 40mph?

According to research scholars, the human brain never actually forgets anything. Whatever we see or hear is retained. We “forget” things because we “tell” ourselves that it is not important or don't think it important enough.

You will have witnessed magic tricks wherein the artist is briefly shown a bunch of pages and he can recall them all – word for word. That artist's brain is no different from your own. Where he or she differs is on how the subconscious mind is used. Fact is, our subconscious mind power does wonders to those who know precisely how to utilise it through use of subconscious mind power techniques.

Now let’s extend this into our practical life. You see hundreds of super rich folks on tv – are they really different from you? In fact, most were born in non-rich households and some don't even recollect who their original parents were. And yet, the common thread that runs amongst all of them is that they somehow became super rich.

In all the TV talk shows these super rich folks get invited to, if you pay attention, you realise that there is a common theme running through all of these successful people; they have motivation, self-control, will power, and discipline. Fame, wealth, position, and peace of mind were not gifted to them. Given that their bodies are no different from ours, it stands to reason that the only thing different is how they utilized their subconscious mind.

Note how things like “motivation”, “self-control”, “will power”, and “discipline” have all to do with our mind and our control over it. Behavioural scientists say our mind is so incredible that it keeps learning until the day we die. Now isn't that all the motivation you need to get started?

Yes it will be a bit challenging to start with but frankly, what isn't? We bet that baking a cake for the first time is a challenge and pretty soon, “it just a piece of cake”.

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