Three Blind Mice

Module 7 Lesson 1 Mastery Assignment

The farmer's wife was arrested for cutting off the tail of three blind mice. She was released on bail as the Grand Jury examined the validity of the accusation that the farmer's wife had attempted murder on the mice. After the Grand Jury decided that the accusation was valid the farmer's wife accepted a Public Defender as her lawyer and was given an arraignment date. After the arraignment a court date was decided and subpoenas were delivered to the witnesses. On the day of the trial the defendant, farmer's wife, was charged with attempted murder and the felony was put on her permanent record. The farmer's wife appealed to the Court of Appeals. After examining the trial the Court of Appeals discovered that the Petit Jury was constructed out of friends of the three mice and the judges reached the decision that the case's verdict needed to be overturned.
The three mice then faced prosecution on charges of perjury and attempted murder as it was discovered that the farmer's wife acted in self defense as the mice chased her (how they were able to chase her since they are blind remains a mystery). The three mice tried to make a plea bargain but were rejected every time. The three mice were then convicted and indicted on perjury and attempted murder.