By:Heather dixon

Come and see the timeless palace at Easbury

Your next travel destination should be the timeless palace of Easbury. It's such an amazingly beautiful place to visit so much that you may never want to leave. Come to Easbury if your looking for a beautiful historic place that offers a peek of the palace gardens and the historic cemetery where the beautiful queen is buried. Also the package will include a tour of the incredible secret passage to the silver forest in the fire place. The tour is included with this limited time package. This offer of an incredible one night all inclusive stay at the Easbury palace yes you heard correctly one never ending night at the palace can be yours. Now is the time to find out what its like to be royalty. This amazing package could be yours for the low low price of only your soul. We're just kidding the price is only $995. We hope to see you soon.
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Come Visit!

It's absolutely beautiful so don't hesitate. Come on down and enjoy the beautiful scenery.