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May 12, 2017

Need to Know Dates

  • 5/15 - Amethyst Team to Hall HS - 8:45 to 11am
  • 5/15 - 6th Grade Concert - 7pm
  • 5/16 - Ruby Team to Chinatown - 6:30am-5:45pm
  • 5/16 - Emerald Team to Hall HS - 8:45 to 11 am
  • 5/18 - 7th Grade Combo Team to Chinatown - 6:30am-5:45pm
  • 5/18 - WEB
  • 5/19 - InterEl Tour Day
  • 5/19 - Garnet Team to Hall HS - 8:45 to 11am
  • 5/19 - 2nd Annual Faculty vs Students Basketball Game @ Hall HS - 7pm
  • 5/22 - Select Ensembles Concert - 7pm
KP Daily Bulletin - Stay Up To Date

This Bulletin provides students, parents/caregivers, and staff members with important happenings. There is information about a number of school activities.

After School Activities

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KP's After School Activities Calendar

Stay in the know about our clubs and activities happening during the week.

School News

Lead Learner Highlights

This week has been filled with sounds of music with 7th and 8th-grade concerts, learning exhibits with the Middle School QuEST Fair, and a reminder about what it means for our Character to Count the Anti-Defamation League Step UP Assembly for 6th and 7th-grade students. We encourage you to ask your child about what it means to be an ally and the ways they can uphold our school values. We look forward to seeing you at next week's Student-Faculty Basketball game and the Select Ensembles concert.


June 12 - 7th Grade - The Village at Boulder Ridge - 9am to 5:30pm

June 12 - 8th Grade - High Meadow - 8:45am to 3:45pm

June 13 - 6th Grade - JCC Swim & Tennis Club - 9:00am to 4:15pm

* Students with outstanding textbook or cafeteria obligations will not be allowed to participate until their obligations are paid in full. Please contact the main office with any questions or concerns.

Attention parents/caregivers of 8th graders

8th Grade Parent End of Year Activities

At – A – Glance

Grade 8 Awards Ceremony
June 6, 2017

By invitation for award recipients and their families

Promotion Ceremony

June 13, 2017

Tickets distributed to students
at rehearsal on June 13

Trip to High Meadow
June 12, 2017

Field trip permission slip and *payment due on Wednesday, May 31st


Distributed during the last week of school

*There are limited scholarship funds available to assist families who find the cost of the field trip to be a hardship. If you would like to inquire about financial assistance, please contact your child’s team leader.

**If you would like to contribute a few extra dollars to the scholarship fund, please include that amount with the cost of the trip.

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Library Media Center News

Obligation Notices for the Library : letters will be mailed home shortly for students who have long past due books from the Library . Since October, weekly emails have been sent to students with reminders. As of May 1st any student who has an overdue library book will not be able to checkout another book until that book is returned. All books must be returned or paid for prior to attending their end-of-the year trip. NO fines are charged . Please remind your child to stop in the LMC with any questions. Thank you for your support

May 25- June 1st , the book fair is open before school from 7:30 - 3:15 .

Denise deMello

Library Media Specialist


Certified Google Educator

King Philip Middle School

860 233 - 8236 x2268

KP Library Website

Follow the KP Library

End of Year Reminders

Cell Phones: Our goal is to minimize distractions to the school day. To do this, we ask students to refrain from using/openly carrying their device during the day. Please speak to your child about keeping their device in their pocket or their locker unless a teacher gives them permission to use it for an educational purpose. As a parent or caregiver, we ask that you refrain from texting your child during the school day. If you need to reach your child, please call the main office at 860-233-8230.

Obligation Notices were sent home for students who owe books or cafeteria books. We would appreciate any support you can give to return or pay for items.

Dress Code Guidelines: As the weather turns warm once again, we ask that you review the dress code guidelines with students. We always ask students to have an extra outfit to change into if needed, so they do not have to disturb someone at home. Please see page 11 of the Student Handbook.

Parent/Caregiver Resources

Community Events

Every Family School Edition

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"Public Act 16-189

We believe that it is vital for all students in West Hartford Public Schools to be able to efficiently and effectively use digital tools that empower them in all phases of the learning process, including research, problem solving, content creation, communication, and collaboration. We also believe that we must be committed at all times to protecting students' privacy and providing them with a powerful and safe educational experience. To that end, the West Hartford Public Schools follow the legal requirements of Public Act 16-189 to promote the safety and security of all students and staff.

In compliance with Connecticut State Law, we update online programs used within the district that house student data. The programs may be used district-wide, in a very small number of classrooms, or with individual students. The list will be updated each time the district enters into a new contract where student data is housed. For more information on the specifics of Public Act 16-189 and updates of vendor agreements, visit"