1A Classroom Update 6

Happy Holidays!!

Seasons Greetings!

It is hard to believe how we are almost done with this year! So many wonderful things keep happening in 1A. We are so excited to share what we have been doing in class and the great strides our friends keep making to become expert readers, intuitive authors, and wonderful Inquirers.


In Reading, we have delved deeper into our unit on retelling. Our 1A friends were introduced to the concept of effective retelling. Here, students learn how to give an effective retell of a story by including the most important details of the character, setting, and major events of the plot. This skill will help them to deepen their understanding of how characters develop and the message of the story as they review the key details and retell from their point of understanding. Our first steps have been identifying the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Students will read the book and get sticky notes and label them with B for Beginning, M for Middle, and E for End. We have also been practicing retelling by using temporal sequential order words such as first, next, so then, and finally. So far, we have noticed some amazing storytellers! Have some of our 1A friends practice retelling you some of their favorite stories. Make sure they are including the beginning, middle, and end.


We have now entered the editing phase within our writing unit! So far, our authors have been learning to work with their peers to identify that they have a completed small moment story and start the editing process for writing conventions. Our 1A students have been learning how writing is a craft that can be published through editing of a rough draft. In the next couple of weeks, our authors will be getting special editing resources (checklists and different colored pens) to edit and publish their work. Students will use these resources to go back into their writing and identify punctuation placement, capitalization, and sight word spelling. We are excited so excited to see their final product!


Our 1a scholars have ended their first term on such a strong note! We started the year with simple addition problems, then we transitioned to subtraction, and in the last few weeks we've been focusing on change unknown word problems (6+?=10 and 10-?=6). We also took time dive into comparison word problems (Ms. Garcia has 4 dollars, Mr. Padilla had 8 dollars. How many more dollars did Mr. Padilla have than Ms. Garcia?). Your 1a mathematicians have earned the break they're about to get! When we get back in the new year we will be beginning to tackle the concept of place value


Our first Inquiry Unit has come to an end. Thank you all for coming and joining us for our curriculum share. The students worked really hard on their Dioramas and building their International Homes!

Learner Profile - Risk Takers

As an IB World School, BPCS strives to foster the growth of students both academically as well as internationally minded citizens who are aware of the world outside of their local environment. To do this, the school incorporates the IB Learner Profiles into the classroom. The IB Learner Profiles describe a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities and, in turn, embody traits of a well-rounded individual. The Learner Profiles are: Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Takers, Balanced, and Reflective.

Throughout the year, we will be discussing the Learner Profiles in the classroom as a way to bring to life the traits. Starting in October, our school focused on how a person demonstrates they are Caring and for the month of November demonstrate how they are Risk-Takers.

Students who are brave show how to be courageous and trust in themselves and stand by their beliefs.

Students who are risk takers are always ready and willing to try new things without really being worried about the outcome.

Our 1A Risk Takers Are:

Ky-Mani : " I am a risk-taker because I get the class going by letting them know about different ideas"

Akari: " I am a risk-taker because I tried a kind of food"

Liam: " I am a risk-taker because I try new words in my writing"

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December 23rd - 1:30pm Dismissal NO ASP



Dance With Ms. Siby

1A Dancers have begun their Jazz dance unit! They are learning an excerpt of Duke Ellington's Harlem Nutcracker entitled, Dance of the Floreadores (Dance of the Flowers). For choreographic inspiration, we looked at pictures of winter flowers and re-interpreted the shapes we observed. Through the choreographic process, dancers are learning to move using polyrhythms and syncopation - great work, dancers! We look forward to sharing a video of our dance, once it is complete. Happy Holidays and in the meantime, take a look at our freestyle circle here.

¡1A Actúa en Español!

It has been a pleasure seeing 1A growing and learning so fast in Español. We know our days of the week perfectly; we know our familia and parts of la casa (the house). We are continuing the Spanish exploration through theater and games.

We had so much fun playing in la casa using TPR (Totally Physical Respond) and we definitely are such good actors, better than a telenovela.

Thank you for participating in the Curriculum Share. I heard it was amazing! Thanks Coach M to representing Ms. Rosado. Just in case you miss it here is the Curriculum Share video. Enjoy!

¡Felices Fiestas!

Happy Holidays!

Muchas Gracias,


1A Curriculum Share Video!

1A Curriculum Share Fall 2015


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