Jenn Peaces Out PARTY!

We'll miss you girl!

Peace and Love Sista!

For over 2 years Jenn has graced Oak Haven with her warm, vibrant and bubbly personality. Her enthusiasm has always been incomparable, and her quirky jokes have always been one of a kind. Although her spirit at Oak Haven will be missed, and we are truly sad to see her go; We are happy to send our support and embrace her with a new future ahead.

Please help us in celebrating her last couple days as some of the friends and family that have seen her dedicate herself time and time again to her job. We have been blessed by her genuine and playful charm, and wish wish her the best of luck in her life endeavors.

Jenn Peaces Out Party!

Saturday, April 12th, 8:30pm

Stone Street Pub 16535 Huebner, San Antonio, TX 78248

San Antonio, TX