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Recovery steps and thus to the overall success of a film

A commercially oriented film industry can not afford only thematically interested Addressing target groups. The film must also across genres humans appeal. Action movies, for example, initially only a limited audience because not everyone likes movies where shot without pause or something blows up. If But around that free online radio tamil the film is connected to a special experience, be it See also viewers who normally do not like action movies (cfbid). Target group Closely related to the clear definition of the genre and content is the Determination of the target group. Practice has shown that certain genres of certain Target groups are preferred. Romance Take, for example, speak more of a female free radio fm Target group, while action or adventure films more male oriented genre.

Furthermore, entertain certain genres solid relationships with certain target groups. And ex have a very related clientele (see Brother 2001:48). In the market research Target groups according to the following characteristics categorized: 1. After characteristics such as age, gender, income, Marital status, occupation. After free online radio tamil marketing oriented criteria: consumer behavior or Visitors consumer behavior (frequency, special interests). Qualitative characteristics such as psychological attitudes, values, Lifestyle, typologies. As access marketing measures to monitor certain target groups most effectively may, among other things in the FFA study The potential moviegoers 2010 exemplified.

For a successful market research and a professional film marketing is the Naming the target audience requirement. Because for a project whose target group and thus its market can not be uniquely identified, also designed the Financing more free online radio tamil difficult. This also means that no intended target audience Marketing measures ultimately have no address and thus no effect at be able. This causes enormous cost, which is no gain over. Vote for the target group analysis are, for example, carried out twice a year Media analyzes as a trend study in spring and as a main study in the fall the FDW Advertising ex in the cinema, within which the medium of cinema is examined in detail. The Results of the main study of Media Analysis 2007 is based on representative 38 986 collected interviews. According to this study the main Media Analysis 2007 are about 60 Percent of all admissions per week is not older than 29 years.

Million young People between 14 and 29 go at least once a week to the cinema. For this age group is the cinema is an integral part of leisure behavior. The core target group of German moviegoers free online radio tamil consists accordingly of people aged 1429 years together. But the years of the 39 year old often go to Movie theater. In the 30 to 39 goes to the cinema more than 380,000 a week, while in the follows from this that with regard to the characteristic age, cinema mainly represents a medium for young people. Furthermore, from the results free radio fm of main study of Media Analysis 2007 that moviegoers through a large Mobility, high education and are characterized by higher incomes. Practice usually free online radio tamil qualified professions, have a lot of interests and fall through brisk Leisure activities.
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