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May 1, 2015

SBAC Update: The End is in Sight!

Thank you to all who have helped get students ready for and helping them take the SBAC. Here are the groups testing in the next two weeks- some are finishing and some are just getting underway: Kaleidoscope, Equinox, Sterling, Full 5/6, and Voyager 5/6. Our hope is that most everyone will be finished by May 15.

As you can see, there are MANY that will be testing in the next 2 weeks. (in addition to 4th and 8th graders doing NECAP science assessments!)

Please remember to turn off phones or put them in airplane mode, and please don't stream video or music during the school day. (The NCAA tournament is over, the Master's golf tournament is over... any other major sporting events coming up during a school day?!) Yes, ABS folks- it would be helpful if you did this too. Contact me with any questions.

Let's all continue to work together for a few more weeks to help our network function as smoothly as possible for our students and their success with this assessment. Thank you!

5 Empowering and Inspiring Videos from Soul Pancake

You know Kid President? Here are a few other powerful videos! I shared one of them below.

What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

New Resources from Common Sense Media

As you know, Common Sense Media is one of my favorite resources as an educator AND as a parent. Many of our teachers are using the ready-made lessons about digital citizenship with students. Our third and fourth graders, as well as a few others have been using their Digital Passport app/site to learn more about digital citizenship too.

Just announced recently:

Digital Compass: "Digital Compass is the only educational interactive that gives kids the freedom to explore how decisions made in their digital lives can impact their future and their relationships. Designed for middle-schoolers, Digital Compass invites students to explore digital dilemmas, make good and not so -good decisions, and encourages them try out possible solutions, all without risking their real-world reputations."

I look forward to working with middle school teams and using this site/app in the fall.

Common Sense Action: "Common Sense Kids Action is a powerful independent, nonpartisan voice for America's next generation. By organizing advocates like yourself in all 50 states on issues that affect children on the local, state, and federal levels, we will make kids and education our nation's top priority. Your voice is critical to our work leading to legislative action."

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Still Looking for Summer PD?

Look for something from CSSU early next week. And check out the previous edition of the Tech News for other offerings. (link above)

How To Find the Perfect App

Here's a blog post with a great checklist, to help us make those decisions. Keep in mind that all requests for apps go through the WSDVT iPad site and the Suggesting Apps page.

Contact Your Friendly Tech Integration Team

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