wedge tail eagle

Giorgia 3A

The wedge tail eagle is an Australian native bird.

Their scientific name is Aquila audax.

They belong to the animal group of birds.

A wedge tail eagle has a brown body soft feathers the adults body is brown and black. It weighs 4 kilograms and the wingspan is 2.3 metres. It has a hooked beak and a wedge –shaped tail. The wedge tail eagle lives across Australia and in New Guina. They live in deserts, forests, mountains and costal places. It eats small animals like rabbits, echidnas and baby wallabies. The female wedge tail eagle lays 2 eggs that take 43-45 days to hatch.

In 12 weeks they are fully grown. The parents feed the babies for six months.

The wedge tail eagle is the fourth largest eagle in the world.

The wedge tail eagle is only endangered in Tasmania. Farmers got paid by the government to kill them because wedge tail eagles eat lambs and chicken they had also suffered because of loss of habitat and poisoned traps.

Wedge tail eagles are quite common on mainland Australia because they have adapted changes in their environment and there was no bounty on then there.

The dangers are farmers and shooters so if hunting is limited the wedge-tail eagle will survive.