1950's Television Color Change

Antioco C. Priscella H. Bryan G. Paola P.


-Scientists experimented television broadcast channels since the early 1900's but it wasn't until the 20th century that they finally got somewhere.

-By March 22, 1935 , there were about 108 black and white channels broadcasted on television.

-Peter Carl Goldmark, a Jewish German engineer could later find out, he would invent colored television and change the world forever.

-Colored television was introduced to the United States around 1953, but the first national colored broadcasting did not occur until January 1st ,1954 because of high prices.

-Television networks and companys were all colored by the 1960's and 1970's .

-Its now the 21st century , and its extremely rare to find a black and white channel while you channel surf.

Shows , Important Years During the 1950's Decade & TV accessories.

-The fist television remote was called " Lazy Bone "

-If you didn't live in the major city and had a television set , than you probably watch only static. All day.

-Some of the most famous television shows started in the 1950's

-The "Today Show" was first aired in the 1952, and the host was Dave Garroway.

- The show "I Love Lucy" was the most famous television show in the 1950's.

-Antennas for televisions were called "Rabbit Ears"

-The fist Colored TV was released in 1953.

-The fist ever television commercial was about toothpaste.

-In 1952 CBS broadcasted the 1st baseball game in color. It was the Brooklyn Dodgers.vs. Bostons Braves.

-In 1953 the fist television was published.

-The first presidential add was in the 1952 by Dwight Eisenhower.

-The fist "Tonight Show" with Steven Allen was1954.

Restored vintage Philips black and white tv set from 1958