Charity Scams

Isaiah Emmanuel

How Does it Work?

Charity scams work by posing as a real charity in order to have people donate to them for a profit. The scam specifically targets the generous people who donate often and especially those who donate indiscriminately . It will likely also be these people who end up getting hurt along with the people of other charities who don't receive as much money.

What is the Impact?

This scam leaves a large portion of people and charities with less money because most of the money that was going to them, is now going to the scam of a charity close to it. Many people that need money for help are not getting the help they need. What makes the scam most believable is its placement among other charities using keywords to make them sound real.

What Does it Rely on?

The average person is likely to fall for this scheme as less people pay close enough attention to notice when the charity they are donating to is a scam. However, this scam relies heavily on the generosity of others, leeching onto whatever money they may want to spend to help others. Sadness and grief are the main emotions that drive people to charity and is the emotion that drives the scam to continue to take people's money.

Report any Scams!

It is always important to be on the lookout for scams and schemes. Remember, you can help make a difference in this world by reporting any scams to the number below!