Plastic In Our Oceans

Whats the problem with plastic?

Grocery bags, food containers, water bottles. They are all made of plastic, This plastic is infiltrating the oceans at alarming rates. When people walk around beaches with water bottles sometimes they don't throw the empty bottle in the trash, they trow it on the ground and wind blows that water bottle in the ocean water. That also happens with other plastics including containers, bags, plastic cups, ect.

Plastic In Oceans

When plastic gets into the earth's oceans, it has a major impact on the marine environment. If the plastic doesn't get eaten by a marine animal, it washes up on beaches. The plastic that remains in the ocean eventually clump together to form huge gyres. Billions of pounds of plastic form those gyre. Gyres currently cover almost 40% of of the worlds ocean surfaces.

Plastic & Our Marine Animals

Many animals mistake the plastic in the oceans for food. Plastic blocks the digestive tract in sea turtles. Food that is trapped releases gases that render them buoyant, and unable to dive for food. One in three leather back sea turtles have plastic in their stomach, mainly plastic bags.