The Line up

By Jalon Williams


i would rate this book as a 4.5

Words and Phrases

"Tyrese was like a brother to Daniel"

"I heard Jamal ditched you"

"Want to hang wit us?"

"I need to borrow your grandpa's gun""Simone was so nice. And hot."

"That track stuff is for losers."

"Got to protect family."


The book Line up was written by Alex Kuskowski. It was a very interesting book, it catches the readers attention in the very beginning of the story. The story is about a kid named Daniel stubbs. At the beginning of the story he is sad because he thinks he is a nerd for correcting his teacher. He start talking to his friend Jamal and he gets Daniel to run track with him an Daniels ends up linking up wit his old friend Tyrese. Tyrese was in a gang and tried to get daniel involved in a armed robery an Jamal told Daniel that his cousin was a cop and he could help Daniel with his problem and daniel didnt want the help beacuse he wanted to protect his family. At the end of the story Tyrese is arrested for drugs and Daniel is running track and gets a kiss from Simone.


I would recommend this book to anyone in middle school
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