Rebuilding Metairie, Louisiana

Rebuilding Metairie even better than before

Crisis Strikes

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina strikes with high speed winds, and large amounts of flooding. Most of New Orleans was devastated, houses were destroyed, buildings, and businesses were flooded. Many lives were lost. Metairie, Louisiana was affected and destroyed, but this also gave a new opportunity to rebuild and make Metairie even better that before.
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Metairie's current energy

The most common type of energy used in Metairie, LA is natural gas. Louisiana is number 4 in the United States for total energy expenditure with 8,545 dollars per capita. Using so much fossil fuels causes pollution, global warming, and eventually, because it is a non-renewable source, we will run out of it sooner or later. Lousiana roduces 3793.5 trillion Btu of natural gas a year.


There are many different energy options for Metairie, but solar and wind energy would be the best. There is a lot of sun and wind in Louisiana, but if there is a storm the wind energy will kick in, but if it is a nice sunny day, the solar energy will kick in. Some negatives is that solar panels can be costly, and certain wind turbines need a lot of space.

Building Green and Building Right

There are many things you can do to build green, such as using recycled wood for buildings frames on a building, using scrap metals and junk to create art, and many other things. But you would need solar panels, wind mills, and generators to gain energy. In buildings there will be ICF (isolating concrete forms), which are good for resisting wind, and seismic stability. The homes near bodies of water would have to be raised, or on stilts to resist flooding.