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Hi Friends,

Several grade levels are either in the midst of launching, or are getting ready to launch, units on informational writing. Below are some great resources to help as you plan for your non-fiction unit. As you are conferring with students, remember to have a mentor text with you and/or a piece of your writing that can be used as a demonstration/example for your teaching point. The student exemplars in the back of the Writing Pathways book can also be used as examples to share with kids - whether you are teaching about leads, transitions, elaboration, etc. The new writing checklists with pictures are also important to have on hand. I like to carry my conferring folder with me so all my "tools" for a particular writing unit are on hand. If you are interested in putting these together as a grade level, let me know, and we can mass produce for each unit in writing (and reading, too...).

Happy writing,


Great books for teaching informational and historical fiction writing to Gotsch students...


...and a "Lucy mini-lesson" for revising informational writing with the lens of structure


...and ideas for a writing unit on historical fiction.


And for Mesnier teachers...watch this small strategy group as Allison teaches how to use a learning progression to lift the level of elaboration when writing All-About books. (First grade teachers might remember viewing this video several years ago, but it's a great example of a strategy group lesson!)


Pebblego.com is a great resource for our primary readers to learn more information about their topics.