Support Syrian Survival

A fundraiser for Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees

In Syria, there is currently a major civil war happening. Most countries are not allowing Syrians to come take refuge in their country because they believe that they will threaten the citizens lives. They aren't letting them in because they believe stereotypes that say they are terrorists. Isis' home base is in Syria so people think that if they take in Syrian Refugees they might be a terrorists in disguise and may plan another terrorist attack. But that is completely wrong, not all Syrians are with Isis, so why put the innocent lives in danger? Since these countries aren't letting them in, they have no where to go, and are struggling to survive because they are lacking in their basic needs like food or blankets.
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We are planning to raise a fundraiser to assist them so they can be able to get the things they need to survive. We plan on selling bracelets that say 'Support Syrians'. With the money we raise we will donate some of it to a Syrian Refugee that is currently in Maplewood and we also plan on donating books to Syria for the children. We are collecting children books at South Orange Middle School. With the rest of the money we will give to an organization that sends the money to the refugees.
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How to help the Syrian Refugee Family

Morrow Church in Maplewood is currently trying to raise money for the Syrian refugee and her family. They are currently taking in donations. They are hoping to give the family a head start on rent. They want to raise enough to cover $1,500 month rent for six months, they are currently one-third of the way there. If you would like to send financial donations you can visit the Morrow Church located at 600 Ridgewood Rd. Maplewood, NJ.

About Us

We are 5, eighth graders that attend South Orange Middle School. We feel really passionate about the Syrian Refugees and hope you can help out. Also, we wouldn't be able to do this without the support from our amazing Social Studies teacher, Ms. Rivera.