Rudy and his story

by: Sarah Tokar

Rudy was studying so hard witch caused him to get into college

Rudy was working so hard to get good grades. Rudy achieved perfect grades which caused him to get into college. Notre Dame. His dream college. Also his dream was to get into the football team which was the whole reason he wanted to get into this college. At football tryouts, Rudy was putting in 100% of his effort and that's the reason the coach put him on the team. for his effort. So Rudy trying really hard and putting in all his effort, caused him to make the team.

More about Rudy

Before Rudy left for Holy Cross he had a girlfriend which was also going to be his soon to be wife. Then after his friend died he decided that he needed to pursue his dream just like his friend wanted. Rudy was a great athlete but everyone thought he was to small to play football. Then when he went to Holy Cross he made a friend and they hade a deal. If Rudy helped D Bop find a girlfriend he would help him get into Notre Dame. When Rudy showed his dad the acceptance letter he was so proud of him that he actually made it into his dream college. Then when his father saw him play on that football field he couldn't have been more proud of him. Also Rudy was very proud of himself. Rudy made so many friends and had good grades. Rudy never stopped persevering no matter how many people said he couldn't.

What happend in order

First, when Rudy was a child he loved to play football with he brothers and friends. Although he was small he still loved to play. Then he went to high school. There was a school trip to go see the college and the teacher wouldn't let him go because he said Rudy would never have the grades to get in this college. So after high school Rudy started to work at his dads oil company. That's also where Rudy's best friend form high school went to. Rudy was working there so he could save up money for college. Then there was an accident and Rudy's best friend died. But just before that his friend gave him a Notre Dame jacket for Rudy's birth day. After that, Rudy started going to Holy Cross and trying to make the grades. Then Rudy went home for Christmas and saw his girlfriend with his brother and was sad and left and didn't even stay for dinner. Then the past three semesters Rudy did not made the grade. Then the last semester Rudy made the grade and was excepted into Notre Dame. Then football tryouts came and Rudy was very determined to get on the team. Rudy made it onto the team because of how much effort he puts into practice. Then there is a big game at the college and at the very end of the game they let Rudy play and he id amazing. Rudy was carried off the field. Ever since then, no one else had been carried of the field.

Rudy is having problems with his family

Rudy's family was not supportive at all with Rudy going to college at Notre Dame. They kept saying he was to small and to short to play football and his grades weren't good. So all of his family thought he would work for his dads business after high school like his older brothers. His solution was he was going to save up money to get into that college because that was his dream and he wasn't going to give up on it. Also another one of his problems was grades. In high school Rudy was known for getting bad grades. So when he went to Holy Cross he had to get good grades or he wouldn't get into Notre Dame. So with no support of his family, Rudy had to solve his problem by his self. He studied really hard and he even got a tutor that became his best friend. It was really hard for Rudy to confront his family about his goals and dreams because every time he tried they all shot him down and said "You could never get into Notre Dame plus you could never play football because your too small". This made it hard for Rudy to persevere and achieve his goals but he never gave up.