By Marin Anderson

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About Denmark

Denmark Flag
Location of Denmark

My ancestors were vikings. Not like the vikings from How to train your dragon or anything, they didn’t kill dragons, sorry to crush your hopes! They don’t come from Minnesota ether! I

doubt they had football back then.

People from Denmark speak danish.

Danish words:

  1. Denmark: Danmark (Danmark

  2. Hi: Hej

  3. Yes: ja

  4. No:ingen (ing)

  5. goodbye: farvel (favey)

  6. my name is Marin: mit navn er Marin ( mit noun e mahrry)

  7. Cat: kat (kit)

  8. dog: hund (oond)

  9. The world: el mundo (el munda)

  10. you: du (douh)

danish money, known as danish krone.

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Denmark cities

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. The population in Copenhagen is 1,213,822.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It has a lot of people, the population 1,975,361 including some little cities around it! Wow!

The area is about 34.07 sq miles.

It was founded in 1167.

Aarhus (arhus) is one of the cities in Denmark. the population in Aarhus is 252,213.

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark. It is located on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula of Denmark.

The Viking Museum is a small underground in situ museum in central Aarhus, Denmark.

Odense is one of the cities in Denmark. The population in Odense is 168,798.

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark.the population is 172,512 at that time it was January 2014.

Funen Village is a Danish museum located in the Fruens district of Odense. It has 25 buildings from Funish villages, from the 18th and 19th century.

People and population


Population: 5,569,077


Holidays and food

Holidays with a special dinner include New Year's Eve, Easter, Martin Mass, and Christmas. For New Year's Eve, it is celebrated with boiled cod, Easter, with elaborate lunches and roast lamb for dinner, and Martin Mass, with roast goose. The Christmas Eve dinner has roast pork, roast duck, or goose stuffed with prunes, served with pickled red cabbage, white boiled potatoes, fried brown sugared potatoes, and thick brown gravy. The desserts include rice porridge and ris a la mande. Rice porridge is mixed with whipped cream, almonds, and vanilla and served with hot cherry sauce.( I like dessert, but maybe not this one!) At Christmas and Easter, special seasoned beer is sold.( Yyyyyuuuuccccckkkk!!!) Christmas is celebrated by eating an extravagant lunch and dinner that get the family together.

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Denmark has a lots of traditions and festivals. Lots of Danish traditions are Christian, with Christmas, Easter and St. John’s Eve ( It’s at the end of June) which is some of the most important time to be together with family.

Some more important celebrations is the carnival in February, New Years and Great Prayer Day, which was established to combine severall holidays into one day. There are also May Day (Labour Day) and April Fool’s Day, where people like tease each other with pranks and tell crazy stories. A couple years ago, people have also started to both Valentine´s Day and Halloween. On June 5 people in Denmark celebrate the day their country signed their constitution.


Soccer is one of Denmarks favorite sports. They also like handball, rugby ( it’s like football), and tennis. But Soccer is their most favorite.

Fun facts

  1. Denmark was one of the first countries to us wind power.

  2. LEGOs were invented in Denmark. It means “play well”.

  3. Denmark’s flag is called Dannebrog, It means “Danish cloth”. The red is for strength and bravery, the white is for honesty and peace.

  4. The capital, Copenhagen is also called “The city of bikes” because there are lots of bikes in Copenhagen.

  5. About 13% of danish people live on the countryside and the rest live in cities.