Code of Conduct

Greek Values revealed...

Rule #1: Do not Trespass

DO: Get permission from landowner before trespassing. In book 10, Odysseus and his crew are invited to stay at Aiolos's island for a month and Aiolos listens to the crews stories.

DO NOT: Invite yourself onto another mans property. In book 9, Odysseus invites himself into the Cyclops cave and expects him to take him and his crew as his guests. So Odysseus and his crew eat the Cyclops food and this angers the Cyclops.

Rule #2: Do not take other peoples possessions

DO: Get permission to use or take possessions. In book 12, Circe feed the men a feast for a full day and also provided the men with shelter.

DO NOT: Take other peoples possessions without their knowledge or permission. In book 12,when Odysseus and his crew sail to Thrinakia Helios land for his cattle and get stuck their for a month and his men get really hungry. The crew decides to eat Helios cattle and Helios tries to destroy their ships.

Rule #3: Be faithful to your husband

DO: Keep yourself pure for your husbands return. In Book 19, Penelope unweaves her weave every night to give Odysseus more time so she doesn't have to marry someone else.

DO NOT: Look or interact with other suitors. In book 19, when Odysseus pretends to be a beggar and Penelope invites him in their house she tells him about all the suitors and how she is planning on marrying a suitor soon if Odysseus does not show up.

Rule #4: Do not boast about achievments or possessions

DO: Be humble As Odyssesus did in book 21 by disguising himself as an "old beggar"

DO NOT: Require special treatment or physical rewards As Odysseus did in book 23, "Greathearted Odysseus, home at last, was being bathed now by Eurynome and rubbed with golden oil, and clothed again in a fresh tunic and cloak."

Rule #5: Obey the Gods

DO: Respect , admire, and worship the Gods Elpenor threatens to bring the "gods anger down" if Odysseus does not give him a proper burial. By saying this, Elpenor is showing admiration to the gods.

DO NOT: Disrespect or test the gods As Odysseus and his men did in book 12 by eating Helios's cattle.

Rule #6: Be Generous to Wanderers

DO: Welcome wanderers with housing and food As established in book 9 when Odysseus says, "It was our luck to come here; here we stand, beholden for your help or any gifts you give- as custom is to honor strangers."

DO NOT: Be disrespectful and Hostile towards wanderers As Cyclops did in book 9 when he "went on filling up is belly with manflesh and great gulps of whey."