4th Grade Newsletter~Mrs Meridith

December 7-December 11


I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Party!!

I had originally put the 18th down for our Christmas Party, however it will now be on the 17th. All of Sunflower is having their parties on the 17th!

Roller Skating

Your child will be bringing home a permission slip from Mr. Troast tonight that must be signed before students can roller skate in P.E. Roller skating is not until after we come back from winter break.

Important Dates


3 ~ 4th Grade Music Program @ 7pm

8 ~ Map Testing-12:00-1:30

9 ~ Map Testing-12:00-1:30

9 ~ Last day for 1st Quarter AR

13 ~ Quarterly Awards @ 8:05

18 ~ End of 2nd Quarter

18 ~ Last day for AR

17 ~ Christmas Party - 2:15-3:00

21-January 4th ~ No School! Winter Break!!!


5 ~ School Resumes! - D day

Holiday Hoopla Happenings

Mon, Dec 14th: Christmas Sock Day! Wear your favorite Christmas socks, but bring shoes for recess & lunch!

Tues, Dec 15th: Christmas Sweater Day! Wear a CRAZY Christmas sweater or shirt!

Wed, Dec 16th: Let it Snow Day! Wear all white and dress like a snowman!

Thurs, Dec 17th: Santa Hat Day! Wear your Santa Hat and be ready to Move & Groove at the Santa Jingle Jam. Class parties in the afternoon!

Fri, Dec 18th: Christmas Pajama Day! Wear your favorite Christmas pajamas and bring your comfy pillow and Christmas stuffed animal to settle in for our All School movie. Bring shoes for recess & lunch!

Christmas Party Sign up - Thursday, December 17 at 2:15

Game: Sane

Food Treat: Jai

Food Treat: Ashlyn

Food Treat: Dani

Drinks: Kenny

Napkins: Emma

Party Favors: Tony

Spelling List 3.2-Adelina's Whales

  1. two
  2. to
  3. too
  4. piece
  5. peace
  6. break
  7. brake
  8. there
  9. their
  10. they're
  11. threw
  12. through
  13. by
  14. bye
  15. beat
  16. beet
  17. thrown
  18. throne
  19. aloud
  20. allowed

Challenge Words

21. principal

22. principle

23. symbol

24. cymbal

25. stationary

26. stationery

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Vocabulary 3.2

  1. biologist: scientist who studies living things, including their origins, structures, activities, and distribution
  2. bluff: a high, steep slope or cliff
  3. lagoon: a pond of small lake, expecially one connected with a larger body of water
  4. massive: big and heavy; bulky
  5. rumbling: making a deep, heavy, continuous souns
  6. tropical: of or like the tropics