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Geography and landforms

Spain came to Arizona for its gold. Arizona is part of the four corners. plateaus cover most of north Arizona. In Arizona mesas rise from the plateaus. Forest and mounations range covers central Arizona. Arizona is mostly covered with mountains and cactus. Irrigation turns Arizona into good farmland. Arizona has a dry climate. The mountains have the most rainfall in all of Arizona. Arizona has five neighboring states. Forests cover mountain range and their is tons of snow on the mountains. A crater erupted in Arizona. The Colorado river runs through Arizona a little bit.

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Grand Canyon

Recreation and entertainment

A million people visit Arizona every year! You can also see TONS of museums or see Arizona's professional sports teams such as the Diamondbacks, cardinals, suns and coyotes. One of the two spring training leagues are held in Arizona. Arizona has the worlds largest telescope! You can mine for copper at the copper queen mine. You can go hiking and see mountain lions if you're lucky. You can see poisonous Gila monsters that are very venomous and could kill you! One of the most popular thing to do is going to the Grand Canyon. You can see a rodeo,the fiesta bowl and the national air balloon race. Another cool thing you can see is the London bridge.


People love bed in Arizona more than 2,000 years ago. The pueblo tribe lived on the mountains of Arizona. Arizona was once a part of Mexico. Arizona became the 48th state in the USA. Soldiers trained in Arizona for world war 2. American miners found copper and gold in Arizona. Some of the oldest dinosaur bones were found in Arizona. They date back to 225,000,000 years ago. Arizonans found gold near fort Yuma. The Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series in 2001. Grand Canyon national park was established in 1919.

Fun facts

The size of Arizona is 114,006 sq. miles and it is the 6th largest state in America. Arizona's cactus wren is the state bird. Arizona's nickname is the Grand Canyon state. The population of Arizona is 3,665,228 people. Arizona's state flower is the saguaro cactus blossom. The state tree is the paloverde tree. Phoenix is the 9th biggest city in the USA. An Arizona cactus grew to 20 feet tall. Arizona has the largest grapefruit at 6.5 lbs. Arizona's state colors are blue and gold. Arizona astronomers discovered Pluto. Arizona leads the nation with most copper. Arizona's state gemstone is turquoise. Arizona has enough copper for 4,800,000 pennies. The state amphibian is the tree frog. Did you know that the Apache trout is the most in dangered animal in Arizona. Arizona has the most Indian land in the USA. The Grand Canyon is 200ft tall with a blazing hot red and orange color. Arizona sun devils and wildcats are Arizona's main college teams. Arizona's state drink is ice tea.
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