Some Types of Problems

By: Antonio Ignacio-Mendoza

The Problem

The problem that is commonly being talked about today is pollution. Pollution is a common problem in today's world, since so many things that deal with pollution is going on today. Lets start with the beginning.



Chemicals are our daily part of life, and we use them every day, but today many factories and other types of industries dump these hazardous chemicals into:

  • -rivers
  • - lakes
  • -and the environment.
These then cause animals, even humans to suffer and possibly even die. Many diseases, such as:

  • -lung cancer
  • -respiratory diseases
  • and so many other diseases.

They cause muddy landscapes and infect the waterways and poison the soil.



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Littering is another huge problem in this society, many people are just too lazy to throw away items in the correct areas, so they throw them anywhere. This causes animals to get stuck in these items and cause many types of plants to wither and die. Then, humans get affected by these things, without the plants, animals can starve and die, without animals or plants, humans won't have a clean food resource, then the humans will die soon and cause the next generations of people won't live in a nice, clean, world. Then, after there is litter, it encourages more litter and the world will be a wasteland.




Pollution and littering are infecting this world and the once beautiful landscapes turn into messed up places. If the problem continues, the Earth will no longer be able to sustain life, and the universe will be a lifeless place...