Ricardo's Race

Presented By: Nikki Miller EDEL 411 Section C

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Gonzales Bertrand, D (2007) Ricardo's Race. Houston, Texas: University of Texas


Author: Por Diane Gonzales Bertrand

Illistrator: Anthony Accardo

Genre: Biography

Theme: If you work hard and focus on whats important you can reach the end.



Diane Gonzales Bertrand grew up amongst seven siblings, her family made it a common activity to go to the library as a family and rent books for the week. When she was young she really enjoyed reading, especially series. She wrote her first Novel in 5th grade on a spiral notebook. She had trouble in the beginning finding people to support her way and type of writing. After a while she became very successful with novels as well as writing bilingual picture books. For more information on the author view the link below
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Anthony Accardo was in New York City,but moved growing up in southern italy practicing art. He went to school in New York college of Technology getting a degree in communication and design as well as illustration. Accardo has illustrated over eighty childrens books with multiple awards to commend his hard work. For more information on Anthony Accardo visit his own website shown below.



1. Characterization should be true to life balanced, representing both positive and negative behaviors and traits.

This book shows the ups and downs of Ricardo's culture throughout the book. His culture gained him positives throughout his life giving him teamwork, responsibility and the drive to always carry on when have important people in your life when working at the family grocer. Though is culture did hold him back in some ways he wanted to thrive for example when he wanted to go to jefferson high school to have a better chance at college degree, yet everyone told him he should go to the downtown school because more hispanics go there and could get a factory job.

2. Factual information describing a historical setting must be accurate in detail.

The book Ricardo's Race did a great job at listing out the details of Ricardo's past life going through the stages from elementary, middle and high school. When getting older through the book the labels turned into dates when listing important times in Ricardo's life. Also another plus i thought was in the back of the book there is a listed timeline full of Ricardo's important dates in his life.

3. Names of characters should be culturally authentic and their personalities should reflect believable attributes.

Ricardo and his family names are all represented by their culture matching their personalities. With Ricardo wanting to strive at anything and be just like everyone else, culture not mattering his parents new different. The book did a good job portraying the parents as knowing that culture can effect sons life and remaining positive and keeping Ricardo at a reality level. Diane also portrayed Ricardo parents at wanting him to be successful but still learn their customs in family, and teamwork throughout the grocer.


Standard: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.1.7 Use illustrations and details in a story to describe its characters, setting, or events.

The students will identify the characters in the stories major events and characters and related them to their own.


  • The teacher will begin the lesson by introducing the books by the cover reading the title, Author and Illistrator. Next the teacher will ask the class as a whole "what they think this story could be about?" "do you think there is only one character?" After getting some of the students answers jotted down the teacher will begin reading the book.
  • While reading the book the teacher will continually ask the students "what are some things that have happened to Ricardo?" "What are some other characters we have seen so far?" Thus keeping the students engaged while reading the story as well as continually referring to the characters main events of their life.
  • After reading the book as a class we will discuss some of the characters in the book as well as major events that happened in the book and where they took place. After we have jotted down these topics the teacher will then introduce the assignment.
  • The students wil be creating there own story using characters (people in their life) surrounded by the places marking major events. The students will use five pages of 5 major events they think were important to their life. They will write out a sentence that corresponds with their illustration.
  • Then we will present them as a class the next day each student sharing their story.