Note-Able News

Edition 1- October 15, 2016

Welcome to Note-Able News

Welcome to the first edition of NOTE-able News. This will hopefully be a way to reduce the amount of e-mails for NOTE-ables announcements. It will also be a way to get to know each other better and strengthen group communication. If you have any information to add to NOTE-able News please e-mail it to Krys Blue by Thursday evening.

November 8th Rehearsal

Due to the election, our rehearsal on November 8th will be in the Black Box Theater located next to the big theater on the opposite side of the rehearsal hall. Don't forget to vote before you come to practice.

Christmas Memories

Lori is still looking for Holiday stories and memories to use for transitions for our Christmas show. Please get them to her ASAP!

Small Group

Singers are still needed to sign up for "Santa Baby" and "Cool Yule". Sign up on Tuesday or e-mail Liz and let her know you will be part of the small group. Rehearsals for small groups will begin in November from 8:45-9:00. Stay tuned.