desperation is something that most don't experience but can impact our lives. Desperation can start anywhere and can make situations worse. Not only that, but desperation is very persistent and will not stop unless forced to.Because of this desperation is a dangerous thing.

Desperation is usually just seen on the news and is only experienced by first responders. This means that when it is seen at all, it can make a situation more desperate. Like when a people watch the news and see a huge fire advancing on them, and don't know that it is 15 blocks away then they get desperate to get out. This causes a traffic jam and makes it harder for responders to help possibly making it 1 block away. This is why it is dangerous, it causes more problems than necessary. (The Psychology of Desperation)

Desperation is also dangerous because the people are very persistence and will stop at nothing to get there. People will waste all of there money, friendships, and even their life to get satisfaction. This means that you have to physically stop them In order to speak to them and get them to stop. Worse yet, all their “failures” makes them feel more wronged. this adds to the cycle and make them try harder JUST to fail again. This may seem sudden but almost always builds up. The cycle might start with a false accusation, then the person keeps trying to get them in trouble until they start thinking “They gave me no choice”. ( Desperation and Anger) in life, people usually get everything they need as long as they work for it. this means that desperation can cause serious problems and needs to be understood to make it less of a problem

Hunger (poem)

There was no food in this town

not a scrap around

We had pains,

And torture

And deaths

No births

One day, someone brings one piece of bread.

we fight till it disappears.

Then they leave,

Only to come again.

This happens every week.


Give one piece


Come again next week

Eventually we have our first death

for bread.

Then there is at least 2 deaths a visit.

One day the man comes,

But no greets him.

They fought and fought,

there fear of hunger killing them off,






This down is now dead.

only souls drifting on the wind,


why kill,

out of desperation out of the fear,


Checking in

The guards and interview enter. As they sit down i think to myself that there nice nature is a false front. All they want is to make sure that i don't get justice. I KNOW he did it, but every case, every trial, he is innocent. I see the door open and dash for it. the guards are too stunned to act. I race pass nurses and doctors. nothing gets in my way.

I hear a sound behind me. It sounds... familiar? Leona? I almost stop before I remind myself that names don't mean justice. They are chasing me, telling me to stop, but they won't stop me. This chase goes for a little bit before I get out of that horrid place. I walk through the streets, Ignoring my dizziness. I see the house I am looking for and turn left. The same turn that almost killed me. HE DID IT!!!! HE WILL PAY. all these thoughts follow me through the neighborhood. I keep walking to the only place to plan, my house.

I take only minutes to find my gun and seconds to load it. Even though they say i don't have the “paperwork” to have it, justice finds a way. His name flashes in my head, george, and then the headache hits. I double over and almost faint. ALMOST, but I manage to stay conscious. “not today” I think, “not today”. I get up and head to the house where I took the left. That little house with the chip 4ft above the base, the .01 centimeter chip in the direct center of the foundation. I WILL get justice on the man that is EXACTLY .00003546In taller than me. I almost bust down his door when my dizziness, which has grown worse, makes me realize That the interviewer was george. I turn to run but instead collapse. I can't stand up so i start to crawl to him. My shortness of breath won't stop me, I Think right before I pass out at his feet, gun in Hand

I wake up back in the hospital. There are restraints this time. They say that until my body and mind have "healed" that I have to stay. Just another way to destroy my justice.

Court request 63985-b

Name: Elizabeth May Venn

Occupation: Recently fired from Ticom geomatices.

number of court requests: 34

Family: Recently divorced, ex-husbands name Mason, 2 kids named Joe and Bob.

Past: Had a past fight about the money when she divorced. Went to court and lost. denied next level trial. Filed 1 case next month, 3 next month later, 5 more next month, 15 the next month, and is on the 9 case this month.

3 case about invasion of privacy, 10 about trying to steal money, 20 about assault on her with a fork.

Case about: assault on her with a paper.

Cases filed against: Mason

Past cases filed against: Mason.

Case denied.

Calendar of jannuary

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