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Three-Act Tasks

A three-act task is a lesson structure designed to engage students in modeling with mathematics. Modeling is important for students in mathematics, because it helps them make sense of the world through a mathematical eye. Students need to see that math helps you make decisions in your everyday life; such as, how much time is needed to get to a certain destination at a specified time or if there is enough of an item to share with classmates.

Three-act tasks were created by Dan Meyer, a former high school math teacher. Many teachers and bloggers have since created their own three-act lessons to share. In these tasks, students are shown an engaging video or image. The tasks suggest a mathematical idea or relationship that students tend to wonder about. Discussion about the video or image ensues, where students discuss what math questions could be asked and identify what information is needed to answer the questions. From there, students construct models of the situation and relate them to the real-world to solve.

A three-act task is a component of the ideal math lesson. You can find some three-act lessons aligned with Go Math! in the Go Math! Lesson Resources document here: For more information on three-act lessons, please visit the following link and/or see your math specialist.

Promote Mathematical Discourse

This article lists 100 questions that encourage students to think, discuss, and engage in mathematics.

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