The Counselor's Corner

Katie Trueman (1st, 2nd & 5th Grades)

May & June 2014

Classroom Guidance

Classroom Guidance in 1st Grade

This month I will introduce the final Auto-B-Good lessons to reinforce the Covey Habits & Character Traits. We will discuss the ideas of Fairness and Confidence. In the Fairness lesson, students learn the importance of treating everyone to the same rules. In the Confidence lesson, students learn the importance having confidence in their abilities and having a positive attitude.

Classroom Guidance in 2nd Grade

The last round of Classroom Guidance lessons will be centered around Character Traits and Covey Habits. We will learn about Courage and Fairness using Auto-B-Good. The Courage lesson will teach students to be brave and to stand up for themselves. In the Fairness lesson, students learn the importance of treating everyone to the same rules.

Classroom Guidance in 5th Grade

The final lesson for 5th Grade will be about the TRANSITION TO MIDDLE SCHOOL! The students will learn about their new middle school using Ipads while playing a game called "Middle School Scavenger Hunt ". The students will also see where each of our AB Combs students will be going to Middle School (137 5th graders going to 30 Middle Schools!). Finally, to ease anxiety, I will teach them how to open a combination lock (the #1 fear of heading to Middle School). By the end of this lesson, students will feel more comfortable about their next transition ;)

May Classroom Guidance Schedule

1st & 2nd Grade Rotation (might change a little due to specialist schedule)

April 25 & 28 - Cline & Brown
April 29 & 30 - Campbell & Almond
May 1 & 2 - Catherwood & Alinaghi
May 5 & 6 - Rizzuto & Norman
May 7 & 8 - Randle & Little
May 9 & 12 - Kelley & Ivester
May 13 & 14 - Falkner & Abbott

*We will do one more rotation of Lego Build To Express to finish the year out!

5th Grade

May 5 - Vick
May 9 - Horst

May 12 - Boughton

May 16 - Weber

May 19 - Pinkney

May 30 - Horst

Leadership Connection

The Habits that are represented in my lessons this month:

Being Proactive (Stop, Think & Do the Right Thing), Put First Things First (Work before Play), Begin with the End in Mind.

Small Groups

1st - All About Me

2nd Grade - Friendship Connections

5th Grade - Girls' World

Special Announcements

Preparing Your Child For Transition

Anxiety is a normal feeling when transitioning to a new grade or school. Some children will be affected by grade/school transitions more than others.

Whether your child is entering kindergarten, starting middle school, or just moving up another grade, preparing him/her is very helpful and important.

  • Focus On The Positives: new friends, new teachers, and new opportunities
  • Address Fears: listen to and validate your child’s fears, talk about fears you had at their age & how you handled it
  • Attend School Events: take advantage of orientations, many include tours of the building
  • Reach Out For Support: if your child is experiencing high levels of anxiety about the upcoming transition, consult available resources (books, internet, family friends) or the school counselor and teacher

Summer Ideas

With summer right around the corner, spending quality time with your child does not have to be expensive.

Some times the most valuable things don’t cost any money at all:

1. Take a walk or go for a bike ride around your neighborhood.

2. Visit an art, history, or science museum.

3. Go to the park. Pack a picnic lunch and invite some friends!

4. Go fishing. Have your child learn about the different types of fish they could catch.

5. Go to your public library. There are many great activities going on all summer.

6. Start a family book club. Read the same book as your child and discuss.

7. Have your child keep a journal of their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

8. Do a family community service project.

9. Teach your child how to cook and bake.

10. Write letters to friends and family. You can even send some of those wonderful works of art that are usually overflowing in your home!

Volunteer Proctors Needed for EOGs

*from our school's website

End of Grade testing for grades 3, 4, and 5 is coming, starting May 30 and continuing into the first week of June. We need volunteers to proctor for these tests. Please consider giving one (or more) morning(s) to help us proctor the EOG tests. The dates are shown below. As you can see, the dates we need the most proctors are May 30 and June 2. All test sessions start at 8:30 am and you should be done by noon.

  • Friday, May 30 – grades 3 and 4 Math – 30 proctors needed
  • Monday, June 2 – grades 3, 4, 5 Reading – 41 proctors needed
  • Tuesday, June 3 – grade 5 Math – 21 proctors needed
  • Thursday, June 5 – grade 5 Science – 21 proctors needed
The only requirement is that you attend a 1 hour Proctor Training session offered at our school. This training will be offered 3 times:
  • Wednesday, May 7 at 8:30 AM
  • Monday, May 12 at 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday, May 20 at 2:00 PM.
If you can help us, please complete the form online at: or contact Peg Summers, Testing Coordinator at or 919-233-4308

Lunch Bunch

What: What is lunch bunch? Lunch Bunch is an awesome time! Students can bring their lunch to the counselor's room to eat & make new friends.

When: Mondays for 5th Grade & Fridays for 2nd Grade.

Where: The counselor’s room, Room 120

How: Students can write their name on a sign-up sheet on the counselor’s door - students can sign up once a quarter.

About Me

My name is Katie Trueman and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a school counselor! I graduated from Marshall University (Huntington, WV) with a B.A. in Psychology. Then I pursued my dream to continue my education and received a M.A. in School Counseling. I am originally from WV and moved to Raleigh because of the excellent educational system. I began working at AB Combs in 2005. I acquired my National Boards of Professional Teaching Standards for school counseling in 2010. I am thrilled to be at a school that incorporates The Leader in Me and honors children! When I’m not working with children, I love hiking with my husband & two cute kids, yoga, experimenting with new recipes and exploring NC with my sweet family & friends.