Bespoke Woodworking

Traditional Irish methods handed down through generations.

Carved to Order

Below you will see a sample of Gary's craftsmanship. You must email us for a quote, as every job is Bespoke.

These can only be ordered by emailing us at or send us a message on Facebook.

Personally hand crafted to the highest standard.

We at Hibernian Way are delight to be selling these magnificent creations.

Every piece that Gary carves is hand crafted to the highest standard using traditional wood carving methods that have been around for centuries.

He mainly use's Cedar wood for the outdoor signs which is possibly the best species of timber for the job. Even left untreated in the harshest of

weather conditions it will never suffer from rotting, insect attack and rarely twists or cracks – this means all our signs have the ability to last a lifetime.


Please feel free to email us. We are not taking orders as of yet, this is just to give our customers an idea for what we are doing.

Thank you for your time.