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March 2015

A Word from the Director: A Movement of Moves

What fuels a movement? Moves. A movement is a lot of people all making moves in the same direction. A gospel movement is hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of people making gospel moves in their daily lives. What gospel move will you make today? How about this as your question for the moments after you wake up: Lord Jesus, what is the gospel move you want me to make today?

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It is the privilege of the ACTS Group to be on the move in our region to stir, strengthen, encourage and mobilize God’s people to do things together that they never could do alone. I hope you can come hear more at our Fuel the Movement Meetings - see end of this newsletter for times and locations. We are on the move, and I know if you are reading this – you are too.

Moving together, we are the ACTS Group –

Jeff Kreiser

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SacramentoPRAYS: Prayer Leaders Fellowship Report

What causes a gathering of people to go from an event to true fellowship? Open and transparent hearts! This is what best describes our February 7 Prayer Leaders Fellowship meeting. As we opened with wholehearted exaltation of our glorious God, He seemed to knit us together with a familiarity in Christ Jesus that removed barriers and escorted a flow of vulnerable sharing in areas like what God was teaching each person; what God was saying to each one at that moment; and what God was saying was their next step. God seemed to be using every moment for His divined purpose! This was equally true through the seating arrangements, the meal, the worship, the announcements, the speaking and the prayer time! God definitely provided something greater than we could have hoped or imagined!

Judy Trent- Whitnack

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Q Commons and Convergence Conversation

The seats filled up on February 26th as people from around the community packed into the Guild Theater for Q Commons. National talks were broadcasted from Q Ideas, featuring Soledad O'brien, Malcom Gladwell and Mark Burnett. Interspersed throughout the simulcast, prominent local speakers such as Bishop Jaime Soto, LaSalle Thompson, President John Jackson and Alan Mason gave talks on issues of importance in our region. The discussions covered leadership, media and culture and conversations between Protestants and Catholics, and that was just the local line up! Cake pops and coffee were enjoyed over discussions in the lobby afterwards.

The next morning, distinguished leaders from across Sacramento came together to hear 9 minute talks from fourteen different community leaders. Representatives from immigrant services, homelessness causes, parenting groups and business experts were there, among many others. The talks were deeply impactful and informative, giving leaders just a taste of all the work happening in our region.

To see some of these wonderful talks, stay tuned to our website, as we will be featuring them each as blogs in the coming months. And mark your calendars for the next Q Commons on September 24th of this year! We can't wait for all of the excitement this fall!

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upcoming service event: serve every school

Serve Every School is a region wide youth initiative giving opportunity for students to engage their schools in a positive and practical way by simple acts of service. Groups of students will work with a campus champion to discover and meet a practical service need at their school with the guidance of school administration. Service projects will happen on many high school campuses and select middle school and college campuses in a 48 hour period on April 21st-22nd 2015.

We are still looking for youth pastors and leaders who are willing to champion a local school in their area. This is a great opportunity for churches and youth pastors to get their students involved with impacting the school they attend in a positive way!

For more information or to get involved, please contact Joshua Dunlap at (916)412-3688 or

Megan McCleary

Serve Sacramento Director

Financial Report

You are invited to hear Executive Director Jeff Kreiser and other leaders in the ACTS Group share about Gospel Movement in the Sacramento Region and the way in which ACTS was formed to be a collective impact catalyst and mobilizer for united Christian initiatives. There will be a 40 minute presentation and time for Q&A on any subject related to the rising level of God’s activity throughout our the Capital region. Dessert and coffee will be served. Please pick the date and location that best fits for you and register using he Eventbrite link.

March 11th in East Sacramento - Register

March 12th in Elk Grove - Register

March 17th in Rancho Cordova - Register

March 22nd in Roseville - Register

March 24th in El Dorado Hills - Register

March 25th in Folsom - Register

April 7th in Rocklin - Register

April 9th in Midtown – ticket link pending

Please pick the date and location that best fits for you and register using the Eventbrite link.

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ACTS Group Endorsement

Francis Anfuso

The Rock of Roseville, Roseville

"There is nothing more strategic taking place to mobilize the Body of Christ in the Sacramento region than the ACTS Group. Thousands of Christ-followers over the past few years have joined together to reach beyond the church walls and love their neighbor through ACTS of service. Jeff Kreiser and his marvelous team are leading the charge to see our region touched by the love of Jesus flowing through His people. I support them 1,000 percent."

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