Who caused Africas probllems?

The Berlin conference is the main source of the modern problems of Africa.

1. When the attenders of the Berlin Conference determined boundaries they did not consider the indigenous population and ethnic groups. They had a very delicate system between the locals and their tribal groups. The attenders just took what they wanted based on resources and personal gain. This has resulted in Africas problems. Perspective 1: "European powers set those boundaries often in arbitrary ways based on their own calculations of national interest."

2. The mixing of the different groups is a definite contributor to the problems of Africa today. The indigenous people were forced into the boundaries set by the European countries and they did not care who they put into those boundaries. This means groups that were not on good terms with each other that often had wars were mixed together. It was just a part of their pre-colonaization culture for different ethnic groups to be at a state of war. This has led to the inability of a strong country anywhere in Africa because of the many different ethnic groups and beliefs stuffed into one boundary. Perspective 1- "This reality has contributed greatly to political instability in many of the post-colonial African states."

3. All the ethnic groups stuffed together causes violence. Perspective 1- "...aftermath of serious ethnicized violence in Kenya following the disputed election results in 2007."

4. The violence in the colonization is a seed for many African issues. Perspective 2 - "through brutal violence sowed the seeds of thousands of potential conflicts."

The boundaries are only one contributing factor to Africas issues.

1. The pre-colonial state of Africa was already heading to a state of problems. It had a very delicate system between its ethnic groups, and the problems based on the boundaries are not that big compared to the other problems that already existed. Perspective 1 "Pre-colonial Africa contained a much larger number of independent societies than it does today. These societies had a wide variety of systems of government, and the relationships among them constantly underwent change. The political tensions caused by boundaries pale compared to those caused by the violent integration of African societies into the modern world economy, which was occurring before the scramble for Africa and would undoubtedly have occurred without it."

2. A number of African governments have already found different systems to solve its problems based on the clumping together of ethnic groups. Perspective 1- "Many African states have, over time, relatively successfully developed systems for coping with the potential strains imposed by their multi-ethnic, religiously divided, and linguistically diverse inheritances. Certainly for many, even some of the most conflict-ridden, changing the current boundaries would do little to reduce the level of instability by itself."

3. Africa's political instability would have definitely happened without the help of shelfish European countries. "However, many of the problems of political stability and governance in Africa today would have occurred however and wherever the boundaries of modern African states wound up being drawn."

My awnser

I personally believe that the boundaries have caused problems, but before colonization Africa was already heading to the place it is today.