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Happy Thanksgiving From The Hull Firm!!!

Clarke Central High School's New Peer Mediation Program

The Hull Firm LLC is would like to congratulate Clarke Central High School on the implementation of its new Peer Mediation Program! Peer mediation is a conflict resolution process that uses student mediators to help other students resolve their minor disputes. Schools across the country have reported report high rates of success with peer mediation programs, highlighting decreases in school fights due to an atmosphere of collaboration, and joint problem solving among the students. The Hull Firm successfully trained four students to serve as peer mediators and the students will begin taking mediation referrals in the next few weeks. Congrats Clarke Central! Way to empower your students with lifelong conflict resolution skills!

To learn more about implementing a peer mediation program, or about peer mediation training for existing programs, please email

New Juvenile Delinquency Mediation Training Intro Price Extended!

We have had such an overwhelming response to the introductory price for our Juvenile Delinquency Mediation Training that we have decided to extend the $185 introductory rate to five more people! The training will occur on December 5-7, 2013, and focus on how to mediate status offenses, and delinquency cases in juvenile court. To register online, please visit Don't miss out on this great training, or this great price!

The H.U.S.H. Campaign Out in the Community

Dissipating Disparities, Inc. Expo: This past month The H.U.S.H. Campaign had the privilege of being invited to the Dissipating Disparities, Inc. Expo in Thomaston, Georgia. Dissipating Disparities, Inc. is a community organization that is focused on saving minorities by exposure and empowerment through educational opportunities, financial literacy and health awareness. At the expo, we met with children, parents, educators, and community members to discussed the seriousness of bullying, and how to take a stand against it. A special thanks to Andrew and Carlisha Gentiles for their commitment to the community, and for allowing The H.U.S.H Campaign to take part in such a special event.

To learn more about The H.U.S.H. Campaign raising awareness about bullying, or having The H.U.S.H. Campaign attend your event, please email

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