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Lack Of Accurate Information

According to experts, the lack of accurate information about the demographics of artificial insemination creates the problem of controlling the situation.

The implementation of this type of abuse of the gap in the law. experts said that the issue of price, our prices differ from world prices. However, based on the implementation of the state program is more appropriate in this matter. In this case, the state at the expense of 50% of the costs, benefits may be different.

Will prevent the outward flow of compromise on a price AQeybulla said: "Another ethnic group, the maximum mixing can cause some problems. Therefore, it must be kept of those who went abroad in the future arising out of any problem regarding the reasons genlə can be detected.

Families gene in healthy people choosing to take the maximum advantage, it must be determined that there is any genetic diseases. " Male infertility increased Gynecologists Ramin Salahov to the According to those who suffer from infertility as applied to the increased number of applicants for this operation. Infertility among them more than men.

"the population in 15%, ie, approximately every 6 birində family infertility problem. It is structured within a year of diagnosis, sex life, but is unlikely to have a child. Individuals with more than 35-year-old woman You do not need to wait for 6 months of a child are not enough. Disorders in women after the age of 37 because of the egg appears.

More than 40 years of age, pregnant women, the probability of survival is less than 3%. For women, the age factor is very important. " to Gynecologist, according to the most serious issue in artificial impregnation timely message: "Among patients who apply to us for 10 years and has received a variety of treatments.